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Amorim Top Series wins Sustainable Supplier of the Year at the Luxury Packaging Awards 2020

Amorim Top Series, that supplies capsulated cork stoppers to the global spirits market, was awarded Sustainable Supplier of the Year at the Luxury Packaging Awards 2020, for its Top Series closure, composed of wood and cork, used in the packaging of Sweetens Cove bourbon.  This important project was made possible by the dedicated follow up and service of the global Team at Amorim, diligently lead by it’s face on the American market, Amorim Cork America.

Sweetens Cove is a sophisticated Tennessee bourbon that was launched in 2020 by six friends, including NFL legend, Peyton Manning. It is named after a famous 9-hole golf course near Chattanooga, Tennessee, also co-owned by Manning.

The judges of the Luxury Packaging Awards 2020 said that there was one clear standout winner, given that Amorim Top Series has a clear environmental ambition with goals and a specific plan of action, including quantifiable data on the CO2 emissions of its stoppers.

Spirits producers are increasingly dedicated to achieving optimal performance in terms of sustainability which is increasingly valued by consumers.

"Consumers are increasingly aware of the urgent need to decarbonize the products they consume," commented Hugo Mesquita, director of sales and marketing at ATS. “The leading spirits producers, including craft producers, are making a major commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. We are delighted that our independent studies have shown that our products can make a major contribution to this goal. We are living in a key moment where every small step in the fight against global warming is vital”.

Amorim Top Series is empowering spirits producers, such as Sweetens Cove, to meet their sustainability targets through a rigorous range of measures including the following:
- Cork is sustainable by nature, and the Amorim group is committed to maximizing the sector’s sustainability while pursuing 12 Sustainable Development Goals identified by the UN;
- Amorim Top Series issues carbon certificates for its stoppers, confirming that they have a negative carbon balance, whose results have been confirmed by recent independent studies which demonstrated that the annual carbon capture of the group’s activity is 15 times higher than the CO2 emissions from the entire value chain;
- Innovative new stoppers such as Sense Tops, Ambiance Series, Evolutive Series and TAP series include combinations of cork and wood that guarantee sustainability concerns;
- The company has also launched specific products that epitomize these concerns, such as RE-Cork stoppers, 100% cork stoppers and wood tops;
- All cork is sourced from sustainable forests, in which the cork trees are not felled in the process, and all ATS stoppers are certifiable by the FSC;
- Any wood used in ATS stoppers, such as in the wood top stoppers, is entirely sourced from sustainably managed forests in Northern Europe where new trees are planted to replace all felled trees;
- Amorim is committed to ensure that all cork is used and valued throughout the production chain and any cork dust left over from production is used as biomass, which covers over 60% of Amorim’s energy needs and constitutes a CO2 neutral source of energy;
- Amorim won major sustainability awards in 2020, is the only Portuguese company taking part in the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders campaign, organized by the TBD Media Group and is also a member of the Porto Protocol Foundation;
- Amorim is a key partner in recycling initiatives across three continents, in the context of which over 670 million cork stoppers have been recycled and over 828 000 autochthonous trees have been planted since 2008.

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