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Amorim Top Series’ new site offers an enticing sensorial experience

The world-leading supplier of bar top cork stoppers for the global spirits industry - Amorim Top Series - has launched a new site with an attractive range of innovative features that empower clients to customize the perfect stoppers for their brands.  The site shows how ATS’ deluxe range of capsulated stoppers is underpinned by a profound sensorial experience, based on the five senses.

The sense of Sight is linked to the company’s Vision, through which it uses its know-how, innovation and creativity to take advantage of surrounding stimuli in the shape of colours, forms and details: “We translate inspiration into vision”, the site boldly declares.

The senses of Smell, Touch, Sound and Taste are linked to ATS’ four product segments - Classic Value, Premium, Elegance and Prestige.
Smell is augmented by the sensorial neutrality of cork which forms the basis for an endless olfactory experience.  In the case of the Classic Value segment, “the intangible mysteries of smell are expressed through a panoply of shapes and colours”.

Touch is leveraged by the fact that cork triggers tactile sensations that inaugurate a deeper connection to the world, which is further fostered by the careful choice of materials in the Premium segment.

Sound is intrinsically linked to the special music of cork, including its unique popping sound – “the perfect prelude to a matchless experience”, further enhanced by the style and grace of the unexpected materials, such as ceramics, wood or metal, used in the Elegance segment.

Finally, Taste is linked to the rare materials used in the Prestige segment -  Amorim Top Series’ most luxurious series – a pinnacle of good taste, which ensures that upon opening the bottle, all the flavours trapped inside are suddenly released, intact and true.

By clicking on each segment in the site, it’s possible to see a delightful sample of stylish spirits closures.  But the sensorial experience doesn’t stop there!

The company’s New Product Development is governed by what the site calls the “sixth sense”, a unique intuitive approach via which ATS’s technical know-how is uplifted by creative inspiration - working with clients to create a wondrous, unique experience for every brand.  The visually-striking, interactive website also includes ground-breaking features such as the Inspiration Box, where a registered user can browse through hundreds of existing product references and use them to customize the best spirits closure for their needs.

The site makes it easy to contact ATS from anywhere in the world and has a news gallery, exciting social media content, and glossy images of daring new product solutions.
Amorim Top Series prides itself on being a one-stop-shop – able to respond to any client need. But it goes even further – by offering customized technical consultancy, curated design and state-of-the-art prototyping services. 
Through its firm commitment to constant innovation and sophisticated design, ATS develops creative solutions that respond to clients’ needs and speak to their hearts.
Amorim Top Series’ inspired combination of engineering, technical skills and design capabilities, supported by a mastery of production processes, has delivered a leading position in the sector, with more than 1000 different product references already launched.
The company exports over 95% of its production - to more than 100 countries worldwide, with expert business developers, operating in five different geographies: Americas, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Asia and Eastern Europe.

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