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Sense tops, Ambiance and Evolutive series are the latest innovations from Amorim Top Series

In continuation of its mission to present clients with ground-breaking sensorial packaging solutions, Amorim Top Series has unveiled a series of new innovations aimed at enhancing the customer’s sensory experience. This strategy is aligned with the new site that highlights the importance of the five human senses of vision, smell, touch, sound and taste, complemented by the “sixth sense” of expertise, know-how and total customization.

Sensory factors are considered to play a key role in consumer choices and companies in all business sectors are increasingly investing in sensory marketing to ensure that their products are tailored to consumers’ needs.
Amorim Top Series has developed a range of products that offer hitherto undreamed of possibilities for creating a stronger sensory bond with customers. This brings added value to our clients and enables exciting new product offers.
Sense Tops offer customers an unprecedented aromatic experience even before opening the bottle
Sensorial notes such as fruits, aromatics sweet, spicy, hints of chocolate, coffee, vanilla will delight the senses.  The stoppers can include enamels with a wide range of colours and decals or embossed/debossed artworks that are impregnated with the fragrance.  Alternatively, the varnish of any stopper is impregnated with micro-capsules and the fragrance is released when the surface is scratched - you just have to rub to scent!
A transparent film protects the fragrance and can easily be removed and re-attached, without interfering with the stopper’s material and decorative qualities.
The clients can choose the desired fragrance intensity.  A top-up spray can also be sold, enabling clients to change the intensity and ensure the fragrance lasts for longer.
Spirit drinks are increasingly marketed in association with specific scents and aromas and Sense Tops therefore make perfect sense for clients!

This innovative packaging solution created a major buzz at Luxe Pack Monaco 2019
The new Ambiance Series incorporates elegant LED technology in the stopper. The solution is available in two forms: enabling the light to be switched on and off remotely; or incorporating an ON/OFF switch, that is triggered by rotating the top.  Customers can use these stoppers to create unusual ambient settings – such as dining to the elegant light of an Ambiance stopper…
The Evolutive Series is a heat sensitive stopper that offers multiple solutions.
For example it can indicate when the spirit has attained the ideal temperature to be consumed.  This new solution uses a ground-breaking range of thermochromic paints – a true innovation in the paints market!
«Thermocromic» - combining the Greek terms, thermos, (temperature) and chroma (colour) – means that the colour changes when exposed to a specific temperature.   The paint is applied to our elegant wooden tops and changes colour in function of the temperature.  The client can opt between a reversible colour change, in function of temperature, or a one-off permanent change, once a specific temperature has been attained.
For example, it can be used to indicate whether the drink has been exposed to an excessively high temperature that will lead to a permanent colour change.  The solution can also be applied to other elements of the overall packaging.  For example contact with the fingers may leave a “chromatic fingerprint” in the part of the packaging that was touched, causing that zone to became warmer.

Amorim Top Series has been unveiling a steady stream of packaging innovations enabling clients to offer new sensory experiences.  Other recent innovations include TapSeries, Freedecor, Spice Box, Fluid series, M.A.C. and 100% Natural Origin stoppers.

Customers can also develop their own customised solutions using the Inspiration Box at

Watch this space for more novelties in the near future!

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