Innovation is key to remaining one step ahead and is a structuring pillar of all ATS operations, spanning our entire product range, online resources and production techniques.
The world’s most famous spirits producers are constantly looking for new innovations that will enable them to offer exciting packaging solutions to their customers, in a rapidly evolving market, powered by a marked premiumisation trend.

Our in-house R&D+i team offers an inspired combination of engineering, technical skills and design capabilities, and has already launched more than 1000 different product references.

Dream a bigger dream and we’ll do the rest!


Perfect for white spirits

A patented solution specifically designed for white spirits, delivering excellent performance in key parameters such as colour migration, dust migration and sensorial neutrality.
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Innovative coatings for wood and metal capsules

Innovative coatings for wood and metal capsules
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Everything of value needs to be protected.

TAP series stoppers provide a guarantee of authenticity of origin and can also provide additional information, accessed via a smartphone.
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The perfect mix

Mixing botanicals and spices to make aromatic gins is a popular new trend. Spirits producers can now sell their gins with a pre-selected spice in an elegant transparent top with a swivel lid, that customers can refill with their favourite botanicals.
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Start making scents

Sense tops are not just pleasing to the eye, they engage with our sense of smell by releasing fragrances such as vanilla, coffee, apple, fig, red fruits, chocolate and wood.
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An eco-friendly alternative to plastic tops

RE-Cork is an innovative range of recyclable and biodegradable stoppers, with capsules made of a cork-based composite containing up to 50% cork granules.
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A cut above the rest

Our NOTABLE collection appeals to the senses of sight and touch and inspires customers to use all their senses when preparing to enjoy a drink.
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Free your imagination

An unprecedented solution for the spirits packaging sector, enabling any design or image to be printed on metal and plastic capsules.
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Heat-sensitive wooden stoppers

Wooden stoppers with a special coating that indicates temperature changes and can also be used to reveal the brand logo or hidden messages!
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Turn on an inner light

Lighting is key to setting the right ambiance.
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