Sixth sense expertise, know-how, customization

The art of savoring begins with sight. Surrounding stimuli in the shape of colors, forms and details that matter. The eyes translate light into image. We translate inspiration into vision.

dream makers

We perceive the world through the five senses. We need them to react, communicate, interact. Feeling is living. But they alone are not enough. At the end of the day, it’s intuition that counts. Often sudden, unanticipated, it’s our fleeting sixth sense that ultimately makes a difference. Just as the five senses work together to help us integrate the world around us, at Amorim Top Series we work alongside our clients to create a wondrous, unique experience for every brand. Through years of expertise, by working in close partnership with our customers, we’ve developed a special intuition to understand their needs and, most importantly, to anticipate their dreams. A multidisciplinary team of talented collaborators is focused, at every stage of the process, in the development of unique products where technical know-how is uplifted by creative inspiration. An inspired combination of engineering, technical skills and design capabilities, supported by a mastery of production processes, has gained us the leading position in the sector, with more than 1000 different product references already launched.

At Amorim Top Series, it’s our know-how and our ability to develop tailor-made products that make anything possible. Dream a bigger dream and we’ll do the rest.