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Amorim Top Series unveils innovative capsulated cork stoppers

Latest innovations include Spice Box, M.A.C. and 100% Natural Origin stoppers

Cutting-edge R&D+I and high-quality design are central to Amorim Top Series’ positioning as one of the world’s leading suppliers of capsulated stoppers for the global spirits industry.
ATS aims to develop bold new products that respond to its clients’ needs in a rapidly evolving market, driven by a marked premiumization trend.
At this year’s edition of LuxePack Monaco, the world’s largest trade show for luxury packaging, Amorim Top Series unveiled its latest innovations that were embraced by customers visiting the ATS stand.

Spice Box includes an elegant transparent top with a swivel lid that can be used to store dried botanicals and spices. 
Mixing botanicals and spices to make mouthwatering aromatic gins is a popular new trend, especially amongst Millennial drinkers, and the stylish Spice Box stoppers offer the perfect solution.
Gin and Tonic bars are increasingly offering new gin and tonic cocktails, and the Spice Box provides an easy solution for consumers to mix their own favourite aromatic gins. 
Spirits producers can sell their gins with a pre-selected spice, and the Spice Boxes can then be easily refilled, or alternated with different stoppers, each with its own different botanical or spice.

The M.A.C. series - or Multi-Assembled Caps – is a customizable system of multi-components for Premium stoppers.
The client can easily personalize the stopper by choosing from the mix of components.
After choosing the cork size, in function of the bottleneck, the client must then choose the different elements of the top - the bottom section, ring, medal and upper part.
This customizable solution enables customers to become an integral part of the stopper design process and ensure that the stopper meets their precise packaging needs.

100% Natural Origin stoppers respond to the need to cater to increasingly eco-aware end consumers. 
Cork is the perfect answer to this core trend in the wine and spirits market, given cork’s superior sealing qualities and the fact that cork forests constitute vital biodiversity hotspots and cork is 100% sustainable, recyclable and renewable.
In the case of capsulated stoppers, the top covering the cork can be made of plastic-based materials, but to ensure that the entire stopper is 100% sustainable, Amorim Top Series has pursued a major R&D effort to adopt new bio-based polymers that are exclusively derived from renewable and/or biodegradable sources.
To the best of the company’s knowledge there are no other capsulated cork stoppers available in the market that include bio-based polymer capsules produced from materials of a natural origin.
Amorim Top Series has selected bio-based polymers which guarantee resistant capsulated stoppers, which are 100% sustainable, bio-degradable and compostable.
100% Natural Origin stoppers are available across all market segments: Elegance, Premium and Classic Value.
These latest innovations complement previous innovations at Amorim Top Series - such as Whitetop® stoppers, for white spirits, the Freedecor service, a revolutionary printing technology for capsulated stoppers, and a new range of pink stoppers launched in 2018.
Keeping one step ahead of market trends is vital to ATS’ strategy and enables its clients to gain an edge over their competitors.

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