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Amorim Top Series launches new sustainable solutions for Spirits - RE-Cork, 100% Cork and Wood Tops

The company ensures sustainability across its entire product range and has streamlined its global operations and reinforced its global distribution network, guaranteeing a network of Top Series developers across the globe that can provide specialist advice on how clients can maximise their sustainability and minimise their carbon footprint.  For example, innovative new stoppers such as Sense Tops, Ambiance Series, Evolutive Series and TAP series include combinations of cork and wood that guarantee sustainability concerns.  The company has also launched specific products that epitomise these concerns, such as RE-Cork stoppers, 100% cork stoppers and wood tops.
RE-Cork recycled and biodegradable stoppers
Amorim Top Series’ innovative new range of cork composite stoppers are ideal substitutes for plastic tops, with an elegant design, a pleasant touch and excellent sustainability credentials, that attract eco-conscious consumers who want to reduce consumption of plastics. This solution forms part of the company’s broader commitment to replace plastic capsules by other options, such as recyclable and  bio-degradable solutions.
This strategy is aligned with the vision for a circular economy for plastic which aims to ensure that by 2025, 100% of plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable and 30% of plastic packaging will be recycled. 
The RE-Cork capsule is formed by 30% to 50% agglomerated cork content and either a bio-based or recycled polymer, offering a biodegradable or recyclable solution.  The origin of the product is aligned with sustainability concerns, which are further reinforced by the strategy for the end-of-life of the product which can be composted or recycled. RE-Cork stoppers require less energy consumption during injection moulding and are lighter (with the exception of RECORK-BHC) which lowers the cost and carbon footprint of transportation.
This solution is the result of a major R&D effort to create new composites that are exclusively derived from renewable sources. 
The biodegradable stoppers integrate an eco-based polymer that is an alternative to oil-based polymers and also guarantee up to 50% of cork by volume, ensuring the use and valorisation of cork by-products and residues, in particular cork powder and cork granulate.  The RE-Cork range also includes recycled plastic stoppers, that in turn can be recycled at their end-of-life. The different visuals of the stoppers are perfectly aligned with current consumer trends available in various colours and including a fine look and a craft look and an array of different textures and finishes, including matte, shiny and wood, in function of the size of the cork granules used.  Regardless of the finish, there is always a visible difference between conventional plastic stoppers, and this reinforces the attraction of this solution. The tops can also be personalised using foil application, pad printing or laser branding.
RE-Cork is available in five different grades:
  • RECORK-BIC 100% bio-based and INDUSTRIAL compostable polymer 
  • RECORK-BHC 100% bio-based and HOME compostable polymer 
  • RECORK-B 100% bio-based and recyclable polymer 
  • RECORK-R 100% recycled and recyclable polymer 
Pricewise, RE-Cork stoppers are more affordable than Wood Tops, and this solution is expected to enjoy rising market demand due to its excellent sustainability credentials. 
Spirits producers can also easily switch from plastic capsules to RE-Cork stoppers, because the compressibility of cork makes it very easy to adapt the existing mould to produce the new stoppers.
100% cork stopper
The 100% cork stopper is a completely natural product that is obtained directly from a single cork plank, punched by hand or automatically.   These stoppers are subjected to rigorous quality control and coated with a surface treatment adapted to the specificity of the drink and bottling method.
For white spirits, the 100% cork stoppers benefit from Amorim’s exclusive patented Whitetop technology - that prevent tannin migration and colour evolution of the liquid.
This stopper is unbeatable in terms of sustainability, due to the inherent characteristics of cork and is an attractive solution that is warm-to-the-touch with a very positive consumer response.
Wood Tops
These deluxe stoppers are based on combining two 100% natural materials – wood and cork – and are fully biodegradable.  Wood-topped corks are considered to be a luxury item because of their elegance and warm feel.  Whereas plastic, metal and glass tops are under greater scrutiny from customers in terms of their carbon emissions and sustainability, Wood Tops from correctly managed forests are inherently sustainable and help preserve carbon sequestration, biodiversity and local communities.  The wood is entirely sourced from sustainably managed forests in Northern Europe where new trees are planted to replace all felled trees.
Demand for wood tops has risen by over 300% over the last five years and as a result Amorim Top Series acquired two companies that produce wood tops – Swedish company Elfverson and Portuguese stoppers firm, Biocape and invested to make these companies grow and enable a unique service level and dedicated R&D + Innovation for Wood Tops for spirits drinks.

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