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Amorim Top Series launches revolutionary Freedecor service

In response to the growing demand for personalized packaging solutions, Amorim Top Series has launched a revolutionary printing technology for capsulated stoppers – Freedecor - that enables any design or image to be printed on the stopper.
The Top Series unit stands in the vanguard of technological innovation to satisfy clients’ needs and expand packaging design possibilities.

Freedecor is based on a technology never previously used in the spirits packaging sector, which enables any design or image to be printed on the capsulated stopper in perfect harmony with the rest of the packaging.

For example, if an existing design or image is used on the label or has been printed on the bottle, Freedecor can source the same motif and print it on the stopper, in seamless continuity with the rest.
The design process can also work in reverse – an innovative design developed for the stopper by the Top Series unit, may then be applied to the rest of the packaging
Until now, the range of design options for capsulated stoppers has been largely based on uniform or predominant colours, determined by the type of materials used, for example wood or metal, semi-precious stones, or moulded plastic.
Complicated patterns could only be produced by painting the stopper.

If a special mould was required for the stopper it could take 10-12 weeks for it to be produced.  But with the new Freedecor solution any finish can be applied to the stopper, with a very fast turnaround, thus enabling limited editions on tight deadlines to be produced.
Initially Freedecor is available for Classic Value segment with plastic topped stoppers but it is planned to be made available for other segments with materials ranging from metal or glass in the near future.

The new service enables decorations to be produced that have never previously been seen in the sector.  The stopper can have either a matte or brilliant finish and offers an almost infinite gamut of extremely attractive solutions.
Hence the name – Freedecor - because of the huge panoply of choices available.

The new service makes it easy to produce limited editions associated to standard products, thus enabling an infinite range of declinations.
The first prototype applications of Freedecor were produced in 2015 and have been subject to extensive validation tests - to check for robustness against exposure to oxidation, humidity, alcohol etc.
The tests have confirmed that the service provides an excellent durable finish.

Amorim Top Series is currently discussing the first commercial applications of the service with clients, which are expected before the end of 2016.

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