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Capsulated cork stoppers are the perfect choice for a spirits market, increasingly dependent on e-commerce, premiumization, sustainability and innovative packaging design

The wine and spirits sector has been significantly affected by the pandemic, especially in segments such as restaurants and bars, but the sector is forecast to enjoy strong annual growth between 2021-25, of around 5.8% for wines and around 8% for spirits, with particularly strong growth in Asia Pacific and North America (58% and 22% respectively of the global spirits market in 2020).

The strength of the spirits sector, in particular, has helped make Amorim Top Series’ capsulated cork stoppers Corticeira Amorim’s strongest growth area, as Amorim’s CEO, António Rios Amorim, explained in a recent interview with Bloomberg, in which he stated that a marked premiumization trend has reinforced demand for cork stoppers for spirits, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the next five years, the key market trends include even greater importance for premiumization, sustainability and packaging design.
Premiumization affects all segments of the wine and spirits business, whether limited edition wines and craft beers, or high-end whiskies.

New hybrid beverages are gaining popularity such as wine mixed with vodka, beer mixed with rum, tea mixed with vodka.

Mirroring the explosion of craft breweries, craft spirits are also enjoying major growth - 
produced by a licensed distilleries with up to a maximum volume of 750,000
gallons of spirits per year. Major brands are also capitalizing on this trend by producing in local microdistilleries and selling the respective products under their local brand.

Eco commerce was already gaining rising market share prior to the pandemic and has mushroomed since. Digital marketing, using platforms such as Instagram, is intimately linked to the expansion of ecommerce. When purchasing spirits at home, or choosing what to drink in a bar or restaurant, customers increasingly interact with digital information, where design and green awareness are key.

Distinctive packaging design is decisive in a global ecommerce context, and choice of the right stopper is vital. 

Another key driver of the spirits market is millennial consumers, responsible for over 30% of sales. Millennials are particularly attuned to eco-commerce, to elegant design and also to sustainability concerns which is also a key driver of current growth.

Consumers want concrete information on the sustainability performance of the products they purchase, including clear information on the product packaging and supplementary information via e-commerce platforms.

In this regard Amorim Top Series has played a pioneering role by commissioning independent reports on its stoppers which confirm they have a negative carbon balance and also by issuing carbon certificates that can be used by spirits producers.

For all these reasons, cork capsulated stoppers are an increasingly popular choice for premium spirits, since they combine high quality, elegant look and design, with impeccable sustainability credentials.

Amorim Top Series ensures that each stopper’s design is tailored to the clients’ overall packaging objectives and its innovative range of new stopper solutions is perfectly aligned with this rising demand for premium products.

Key segments where Amorim Top Series has been able to capitalize on this premiumization trend, include white spirits, gins, high-end whiskies.

The examples of innovative stoppers that are tailored to premium products include:
-     Spice Box, whose elegant transparent top with a swivel lid is designed for storing  botanicals and spices to make aromatic gins;
-    Sense Tops, whose scent-impregnated enamels release different fragrances;
-    Whitetop®, specifically designed for white spirits;
-    Tap Series, with a microchip that can provide additional data and protect against counterfeiting;
-    Re-Cork, an ecofriendly alternative to plastic tops;
-    Notable, a new range of elegant stoppers;
-    Freedecor, which enable any design or image to be printed on metal and plastic capsules;
-    Evolutive series, heat-sensitive wooden stoppers;
-    Ambiance series, with an in-built LCD light.

This innovative range has been used by premium spirits producers to ensure that their products stand out from the competition. 

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