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Pioneering R&D+I has made capsulated cork stoppers for spirits Corticeira Amorim’s strongest growth area

Through its dedication to cutting edge research, development and innovation and elegant design, Amorim Top Series’ capsulated cork stoppers for spirits is Corticeira Amorim’s strongest growth area.  In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Amorim’s CEO, António Rios Amorim, explained that a marked premiumisation trend has reinforced demand for cork stoppers for spirits, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Amorim Top Series’ commitment to sustainability concerns and ensuring a powerful sensorial connection with the consumer plays a decisive role in the success of its stoppers. The company’s pioneering sustainability innovations reinforces the appeal of its stoppers, since a rising number of consumers pay attention not just to the look of the packaging but look for precise information and data concerning the product’s sustainability credentials.

The rising demand for the Amorim Top Series’ stoppers reflects their overall elegance and quality and also rigorous independent data linked to sustainability and carbon balance, which inclusively can be published on the packaging.

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