About Us a multisensorial experience

Think of the sound of cork. It starts with a whistling, as the stopper is slowly pulled out of the bottle neck and the sound continues until its final release with a spectacular POP! 
As you hold the closure between your fingers, you are struck by the incredible lightness, as you feel the velvety smoothness of its surface. You can feel it. From texture and touch, you now have the sight something unique. No two cork pieces are the same. Revel in its amazing visuals, created by nature, refined further by art. Bring it close to your nostrils. A subtle aroma to awaken your sense of smell of what’s inside. Taste it: the purity and neutrality of a natural product.

Cork is an experience for all the senses. By awakening our inner most instincts and feelings , it kindles feeling of perfect harmony for the user with the product . And yet, cork is just the beginning of a wondrous journey. When combined with other materials, a panoply of amazing experiences really opens up. And you feel alive.

A velvety sound. A crisp scent. Touch brilliancy. Listen to lightness. Smell subtleness. 

our vision amorim top series

The art of savoring begins with sight. Surrounding stimuli in the shape of colors, forms and details that matter. The eyes translate light into image. We translate inspiration into vision.

Amorim Top Series is the specialized unit dedicated to the design, engineering and production of exclusive capsulated cork closures for the world’s most celebrated brands.
With passion and vision, we bring together ideas, skills and inspiration to create exclusive closure solutions that respond to our customers’ most in-depth needs and aspirations.

We combine the matchless sustainability credentials of natural cork with a panoply of premium materials and finishes to deliver distinctive, tailor-made design solutions. Knowhow, innovation and creativity are all part of our vision, along with a continuous commitment to explore and expand the superior technical performance and endless expressive possibilities of an exceptional material: cork.

tailor made expertise

Amorim Top Series offers a variety of stopper solutions in four market segments – prestige, elegance, premium and classic value. By building strong connections with our customers, we explore the virtues of teamwork to deliver personalized solutions.

Through customized technical consultancy, curated design and state-of-the-art prototyping services, we develop creative solutions that respond to their needs and speak to their hearts. Endless customization possibilities include specific logos and shapes, multiple engraving techniques, and a wide range of colors and materials, from ceramics, to glass, wood, stone and metals, in a multiplicity of unexpected combinations, adding value to our clients’ products. 

sustainable by nature

Amorim has a longstanding record of maximizing sustainability throughout its value chain. Cork is one of the world’s most sustainable materials, that is harvested without harming the cork trees, and preserves valuable eco-systems that are important carbon sinks. Amorim Top Series has an ambitious strategy to supply eco-conscious products, including certified sustainable materials with a negative carbon balance. This makes us a vital ally to meet increasingly rigorous sustainability targets.

Our fully green options include RE-Cork recycled and biodegradable stoppers, Fullcork stoppers and Wood Tops.

These elegant, high-quality stoppers are increasing popular amongst spirits producers and consumers. To ensure that our clients benefit from personalized advice, we have streamlined our global operations and reinforced our global distribution network. Our Top Series specialists offer in-depth advice on how you can maximize your sustainability credentials and minimize your carbon footprint. Take action now!

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