An eco-friendly alternative to plastic tops

RE-Cork is an innovative range of recyclable and biodegradable stoppers, with capsules made of a cork-based composite containing up to 50% cork granules.
RE-Cork is the perfect substitute for plastic tops, with an elegant design, a pleasant touch and excellent sustainability credentials.
They are perfect for eco-conscious consumers who want to reduce their consumption of plastics. 

This solution forms part of ATS’ broader commitment to replace plastic capsules by other options, such as recyclable and bio-degradable solutions.
With an elegant design, pleasant feel and excellent sustainability credentials, RE-Cork is the perfect solution for eco-conscious luxury brands. 
RE-Cork stoppers are also lighter than previous generation stoppers (with the exception of RE-Cork-BHC) and require lower energy consumption during injection moulding.
Spirits producers can easily switch from plastic capsules to RE-Cork stoppers, because the compressibility of cork makes it very easy to adapt existing moulds to produce the new stoppers.
It includes 30% to 50% agglomerated cork content and either a bio-based or recycled polymer, offering a biodegradable or recyclable solution. 
The different visuals of the stoppers are perfectly aligned with current consumer trends, available in various colours and including a fine look and a craft look and an array of different textures and 
finishes, including matte, shiny and wood, in function of the size of the cork granules used.  Regardless of the finish, there is always a visible difference between conventional plastic stoppers, which reinforces the attraction of this solution. The tops can also be personalised using foil application or pad printing.
RE-Cork is available in four different grades:
RECORK-BIC 100% bio-based and INDUSTRIAL compostable polymer 
RECORK-BHC 100% bio-based and HOME compostable polymer 
RECORK-B 100% bio-based and recyclable polymer 
RECORK-R 100% recycled and recyclable polymer 
Pricewise, RE-Cork stoppers are more affordable than Wood Tops, and this solution is expected to enjoy rising market demand due to its excellent sustainability credentials.