Start making scents

Sense tops are not just pleasing to the eye, they engage with our sense of smell by releasing fragrances such as vanilla, coffee, apple, fig, red fruits, chocolate and wood.
These fragrances establish a unique connection with the spirit’s aromas or flavours and enhance brand recall. 

The fragrances are released by either coloured scented ceramics or a special varnish impregnated with micro-capsules, based on Water Based Dispersions, that release the fragrance when scratched - you just have to rub to scent!

A transparent film protects the fragrance and can easily be removed and re-attached, without interfering with the stopper’s material and decorative qualities.
The enamels can be decorated with a wide range of colours and embossed/debossed decals for branding.
The clients can choose the desired fragrance intensity.  A top-up spray can also be sold, enabling clients to change the intensity and ensure the fragrance lasts for longer.