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Amorim Top Series is a specialist unit dedicated to the design, engineering and production of exclusive capsulated cork closures for the world’s most celebrated brands. Through cutting-edge innovation and pioneering research and development, Top Series offers its clients a comprehensive portfolio of capsulated stoppers, backed up by in-depth data on their performance and certification of their sustainability credentials.

Top Series Expert offers a detailed overview of the portfolio’s specifications and results.


Capsulated stoppers are intended for spirits with a high alcohol content (>18%). The stopper provides a means of seal for the bottle, which can be successively reused until all the content has been consumed.

A capsulated stopper typically consists of two core parts (the cork stopper and the capsule), but it may also be constituted by multiple parts, depending on the complexity of the stopper and the materials used.

Whereas cork stoppers used for still and sparkling wines have a relatively limited range of styles and sizes, capsulated stoppers have a huge variety of finishes, colours, shapes, sizes and designs.

types of cork stopper

Natural stopper

Natural Cork

A single-piece stopper (the most common) extracted directly from the bark of the tree or a multi-piece stopper (produced from thin cork, that has a denser appearance and smaller pores).
Agglomerated stopper


An agglomerated stopper with micro-granulates produced by an individual moulding process.
Colmated stoppers

Colmated Cork

Natural cork stoppers with pores (lenticels) filled with cork powder resulting from the finishing of natural stoppers. An adhesive is used to fix the dust in the pores. Technical properties are similar to natural stoppers, but the cork has less elasticity.

cork stoppers VS artificial stoppers

Natural stoppers are the best option for heterogeneous bottleneck sizes and profiles, since, due to natural cork’s elasticity, it has a better adaptability, and is better suited to absorbing different types of variations, in comparison with other types of stoppers.
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surface treatment

Surface treatment adds a specially developed product to the stoppers, based on paraffin and/or silicone, which ensures that the stopper will slide smoothly when inserted into and extracted from the bottle.
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how to open Top Series?

brown & white spirits

The type of spirit and its alcohol content have technical implications on the choice of the right cork stopper.

For beverages with alcohol content >45%, the Top Series must be informed in advance of the type of beverage, as a standard stopper may not be appropriate.
Aged beverages in a bar

Aged beverages

TS stoppers are commonly used in aged beverages (fortified wines, liqueurs, brown spirits) that have a high alcohol content, with alcohol values, typically ranging from 18% to 30%, and up to 40%. Examples: Port wine, Liqueur, Whisky, Brandy and Rum.
Non-aged beverages in a bar

Non-aged beverages

White spirits such as Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Cachaça or Grappa, Baijiu, Soju, Shochu, benefit from cork stoppers that can guarantee superior performance.

WhiteTop® is our patented solution that has been specifically designed for white spirits, combining cork of high quality grade with a polymeric coating that preserves all the benefits of cork while preventing tannin migration and colour evolution of the liquid. It delivers excellent performance in key parameters such as colour migration, dust migration and sensorial neutrality.



Amorim Top Series portfolio has four main segments, complemented by new innovative products, that span multiple different types of capsules.

Given the extremely broad range of capsulated stoppers available, customers rely on in-depth technical and design consultancy advice. The Design Centre can respond to a wide range of requests from customers, and offer innovative solutions to meet their needs.

segments & materials

new innovations

Stopper with printed image


A ground-breaking technology that enables any design or image to be printed on the capsulated stopper in perfect harmony with the rest of the packaging.

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Luxury glass capsulated stoppers


Limited editions of deluxe capsulated stoppers, with sophisticated design.

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Scented capsulated cork stopper

Sense Tops

A capsule with a coloured scented ceramics or a special varnish impregnated with micro-capsules, that release the fragrance when scratched.

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Patented stopper for white spirits

Whitetop ®

A patented solution specifically designed for white spirits, delivering excellent performance in key parameters such as colour migration, dust migration and sensorial neutrality.

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Cork stopper with botanicals and spices

Spice Box

An elegant transparent top with a swivel lid, that customers can refill with their favourite botanicals.

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Marble-effect painted stopper

Unique Décor

Customised innovative paint coatings for wood and metal capsules, that permit special effects such as marble, ceramic, metallic, oxidised, chameleon or aged effect.

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Stopper indicating temperature change


Wooden stoppers with a special coating that indicates temperature changes and can also be used to reveal the brand logo or hidden messages!

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Stopper with built-in LED light


An LED light incorporated inside the capsule that can be switched on and off remotely; or incorporates an ON/OFF switch, triggered by rotating the top.

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Stopper with NFC microchip

TAP series

The capsule incorporates a micro-chip with a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag that contains pre-recorded information that can be read by a smartphone, such as a serial number, production date and extensive product information.

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Recyclable and biodegradable stopper


Capsule made of a cork-based composite containing up to 50% cork granules. A perfect substitute for plastic tops, available in four different grades.

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design center


Choosing the right stopper

Whereas in the wine industry there is a high level of standardization of bottle sizes and bottleneck diameters, a very broad range of different sizes and bottleneck diameters are used in the spirits industry.
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storage and transport

Cork stoppers storage recommendations
The stoppers should be stored in cool and dry places, well ventilated and free from odours, moulds, fuels or chemicals. The storage space should have a controlled temperature between 15ºC and 20ºC and 50% to 70% humidity.
Storage recommendation for cork stoppers
Whenever possible, Top Series stoppers should be used as soon as they are received, avoiding long storage periods of more than 6 months.
Recommendations for cork stoppers packaging
The packages should only be opened when the stoppers are used and, at the end of use, if there are still any stoppers left, the bag should be resealed, in order to avoid contact with dust or insects, and should be used in the following weeks.
Conditions for transport and storage of cork stoppers
After bottling, the bottle must be kept upright during storage and transport, as well as with the final consumer.

sustainable by nature

cork trees

Amorim has a longstanding record of maximizing sustainability throughout its value chain. Cork is one of the world’s most sustainable materials, that is harvested without harming the cork trees, and preserves valuable eco-systems that are important carbon sinks. Amorim Top Series has an ambitious strategy to supply eco-conscious products, including certified sustainable materials with a negative carbon balance. This makes us a vital ally to meet increasingly rigorous sustainability targets.

Our fully green options include RE-Cork recycled and biodegradable stoppers, Fullcork stoppers and Wood Tops.

These elegant, high-quality stoppers are increasing popular amongst spirits producers and consumers. To ensure that our clients benefit from personalized advice, we have streamlined our global operations and reinforced our global distribution network. Our Top Series specialists offer in-depth advice on how you can maximize your sustainability credentials and minimize your carbon footprint. 

Find out more about Amorim sustainability credentials here.


Amorim Top Series provides in-depth advice to its clients to ensure that the stopper meets their requirements, and also to respond to any technical questions that may arise. 
The capsulated stopper’s performance may be affected by the following situations which require precautions.


Before designing the stopper, including its precise measurements, it is extremely important to analyse a sample of the bottle to ensure a perfect fit between the stopper and the bottleneck. Any changes to the bottle specifications must be communicated to Top Series, because it may be necessary to alter the specifications of the stopper.
Top Series offers a specific glue, that guarantees the stopper’s correct performance in countries with extreme temperatures or humidity levels, that avoids the potential risk of separation between the capsule and the stopper.
Top Series guarantees that the specific glue is food compatible, and complies with all quality validations, guaranteeing the same performance as a co-injected stopper, through a controlled process.
The stoppers must be kept in sealed boxes, without any exposure to dust or insects. Incorrect storage may lead to corks with powder.
Cork stoppers should not be kept in the client’s premises for more than 6 months, since this may dry out the stoppers which can cause the shedding of some particles from the stopper upon insertion.
The bottling line must be kept clean and ensure that the stopper is correctly inserted into the bottle. Otherwise this may cause a breakage to the stopper which may lead to leakages or loose particles.
Any changes in the bottling line, for example a transition to a high-speed line, should also be communicated to Top Series in order to review the stopper’s specifications.
At the time of bottling it is also essential to ensure sufficient headspace between the stopper and liquid.  This is particularly important for situations in which the bottles  are subjected to extreme temperatures because this expansion chamber will ensure that the liquid will not push the cork out of the bottle.
During transport and storage, it is essential to ensure that the bottles remain in an upright position. Permanent contact between the stopper the liquid may cause a breakage to the stopper, or separation between the cork and the capsule.

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