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KWV Nexus 30 year old brandy - the world’s first commercially available 30-year old brandy containing potstill up to 42 years old – is sealed by a magnificent hand-crafted Top Series® cork stopper.

The stopper’s red Baltic Amber stone emerges enticingly from the top of the distinctive orb-shaped packaging – like a button waiting to be pressed. 
As the beautifully interwoven wood slides open, it reveals the unique Top Series® Prestige cork stopper and the exquisite hand-blown bottle crafted by internationally acclaimed glass artist, David Reade.

The gem is set in a copper mount by award-winning jewellery designer Maike Valcarcel.
KWV Nexus 30-year old brandy is handcrafted in small batches, in KWV’s world renowned cellars in Paarl, in the Western Cape, South Africa.
The name Nexus means the highest point of a connection. This concept was one of the inspirations for the distinctive packaging solution.
Baltic Amber is the rarest form of amber, which can be traced to tree resins going back some 50 million years. It’s a living organism that becomes warm to the touch. 
KWV’s Marketing Director, Peadar Hegarty comments: “We chose unconventional packaging, as we wanted to showcase the beautiful bottle and the use of all natural products put together by these artisans fits beautifully with our Finish Great philosophy.”

Nexus 30-year old Potstill Brandy is targeted at the luxury market and retails at a recommended price of R23,000 (€1645). 
In light of its Finish Great philosophy, KWV contracted Top Series@ to ensure the perfect finish for this premium product. 
TopSeries’ Marketing and Sales Director, Hugo Mesquita, states: “It’s an honour to associate TopSeries’ development capacity with leading craftsmen’s skills in order to create this wonderful product - that has chosen cork as the ideal material to seal this luxury edition”.
Through its provision of a one-stop-shop for all bartop stopper requirements - spanning Prestige, Elegance, Premium and Classic Value segments - the Amorim Top Series Unit is positioning itself as the world’s leading supplier of capsulated cork stoppers.

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