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Amorim Top Series is a founding partner of @makeamarkproject

Packaging design and product storytelling play a decisive role in consumer purchases and are particularly important in the spirits industry.
That’s why Amorim Top Series decided to become a founding partner of the ground-breaking @makeamarkproject, launched in the second half of 2021. It is classified as a Capsule Partner of the new platform.
The project is the brainchild of three global industry leaders - Estal, Avery Dennison and Leonhard Kur – who have invited 18 participating design agencies from around the world to develop an inspirational platform for the wine and spirits sector over the next three years.
The goal is to encourage innovative designs that aim to communicate the essence of each brand by linking all its intrinsic elements.
The three core pillars of the new platform are sustainability, luxury and innovation.
Sustainability means a “mindful approach to the environment, organic products, an emphasis on circular processes and technical innovations that help fulfil the three R’s: recycle, reduce and reuse”.
Luxury is about building desire through the use of premium materials and the sensorial tactility they offer “especially important in the wine and spirits sector, where shelf appeal is crucial and purchase decisions are made within seconds.”
Innovation is about harnessing “cutting-edge technological capabilities - let your imagination run wild and create something truly unique and groundbreaking.”
By creating a design community, the platform aims to provide access to some of the industry’s latest developments to foster the use of the most up-to-date packaging technologies.
The 18 participating design agencies have developed award-winning designs in the spirits, wine and craft beer sectors. In total there are 9 agencies from continental Europe, 3 from Latin America, 2 from the United Kingdom, 1 from the United States, 1 from South Africa, 1 from Australia and 1 from China.
Amorim Top Series has worked in conjunction with several of these agencies, in terms of sharing design ideas and/or supplying stoppers.  For example, the agency JVD Estudio, based in Santiago de Chile, works in the areas of packaging, labels, identity, digital platforms and photography, with a special focus on the Food and Beverage category. Recent work includes packaging design for wine and spirits brand, Bou Barroeta, to create Gran Pisco DOX, whose design is conceived as a sensory experience. The elegant stopper was designed to “symbolise the harmony between the sky and the earth which are in constant change and movement but coexist in a perfect balance in conjunction with the stars that revolve around them represented in a copper thread.”
Makeamark has released the first issue of an annual publication that aims to showcase new design projects, which is available on its website.
The profusely illustrated book profiles different designs by the 18 participating agencies, including the underlying concepts, aligned to each brand’s philosophy.
In terms of innovation the book states: “It’s the freedom to show the future of Wine&Spirits packaging, to let your creativity run loose and to things like the budget or is it feasible behind you. It’s the chance to team up with world leaders to share innovations and create something truly unique and ground-breaking for the industry. To do something you’ve always wanted to explore but never had the freedom to do so.”

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