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Amorim Top Series reinforces its sustainability credentials with new eco-conscious stoppers

Wine and spirits producers around the world are increasingly aware that their long-term success depends on their sustainability credentials. The Amorim Group has placed sustainability at the heart of its operations, through a comprehensive set of measures inspired by its motto: “Sustainable by Nature”.
Amorim Top Series has adopted a broad strategy to supply eco-conscious products, based on an ambitious agenda, which includes use of certified sustainable materials and reducing the consumption of plastics.  
The company is a key partner for spirits producers since it places sustainability at the top of its agenda and applies rigorous sustainability requirements for the cork chosen for its stoppers, the materials used in its capsules and all steps of the production process.  It is pursuing this approach in conjunction with concerns about costs, to ensure that it can supply stoppers which are both sustainable and cost-effective. 
The ability to meet targets aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals over the next decade will be a key factor in the success and prosperity of spirits producers.  For premium products in particular, market research indicates that consumers are highly attentive to sustainability issues and overall it has been shown that consumers in general are more likely to purchase spirits whose packaging meets these concerns. Packaging marks the first contact between the consumer and the product and plays a decisive role in the spirits business. Cork is a naturally sustainable raw material, and precisely for this reason has been a natural partner for wines and spirits for centuries.
Sustainability concerns are now top-of-mind for consumers and policymakers around the world and these issues will increasingly set global political, commercial and consumer agendas.  The pandemic, complemented by an environmental and economic crisis, has further reinforced the issue of sustainability at the forefront of the political agenda and consumer concerns. 
Amorim is ranked amongst the world’s most sustainable companies, as a member of the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders campaign, organised by the TBD Media Group and the winner of two major sustainability awards in 2020.  Amorim plays a leading role in promotional initiatives such as the Drinks Business Green Awards for green-minded wine and spirits producers, launched in 2010, for which it is the Lead Sponsor.  Amorim Top Series is also the sponsor of the Design Packaging Masters 2020 - one of the world’s most prestigious packaging awards for today’s competitive spirits market, whose awards include distinctions for eco‐friendly packaging.
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