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Inspiration Box now offers 1,000 different solutions!

Innovation lies at the core of Amorim Top Series’ philosophy and commercial offer, with new ground-breaking stoppers constantly being developed.

To ensure that our clients are an active element of the innovation process, we launched Inspiration Box in 2019, as a special section of our revamped, sensorially-driven website. This service enables clients to choose between a wide array of different solutions and browse through innovative shapes, inspiring colours and enticing details.

Our Design Center is also intimately connected to the Inspiration Box section which means that after clients test out different ideas, they can then discuss them with the Design Centrer and set the production process in motion.

The range of available solutions has now been increased by almost 50% and currently offers over 1,000 solutions!

To allow clients to discover the perfect stopper for their needs they must log into the site and then click on the Inspiration Box.

Step 1 involves choosing from one of our main product ranges, each identified with a human sense – Classic Value (smell), Premium (touch), Elegance (sound) or Prestige (taste). A range of different visuals can also be consulted.
Step 2 then involves choosing the preferred material for the capsule (such as RE-Cork, polymers, ceramic, glass, wood…), the external diameter, height and type of cork (natural, neutro, acqua) and whether the cork will be customised, for example with the brand logo.
After completing steps one and two the client can download the final result, with a visual representation of the stopper and its core specifications. This can then be discussed with the Design Center to fine tune the final result.

Try it out for yourself!

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