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Keeping the genie in the bottle

Top Series® records significant sales growth across its four segments.

Cork stoppers can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but only enjoyed widespread use from 1680 onwards - when the Benedictine Dom Pierre Perignon disseminated the use of conical cork stoppers to seal his bottles of fine Champagne.

Unlike wine stoppers, which have a standardised diameter, bartop stoppers for spirits come in all shapes and sizes and many vintage stoppers have acquired exclusive collector’s status.

Natural cork stoppers are synonymous with luxury and quality and constitute a sine qua non in the expanding high-end tier of the spirits market.

Corticeira Amorim, the world’s leading producer of cork stoppers - with a 27% share of the global market – has galvanized the spirits sector, through the launch of the elegant TopSeries® range, spanning four segments - Prestige, Elegance, Premium and Classic Value.

The strategy underlying the Top Series® range is based on the values of exclusivity, quality, heritage and sophistication.

In all consumer segments, the quality of product and packaging design are increasingly the key to market success – and the spirits business is no exception.

In order to guarantee the finest materials, the Amorim Top Series Unit uses top-quality natural cork and has inked partnerships with leading suppliers of other premium materials, including exclusive exotic woods from Woodscience and premier glass solutions from Atlantis, crystal from Swarovksi and exclusive bottles from Verralia's Selective Line.

Amorim has been supplying natural cork stoppers for the world’s leading spirits brands for decades, and the Top Series® range has reinforced its commitment to cutting edge technology and pioneering design in order to serve the needs of leading spirits producers responsible for a broad portfolio of brands.

The Top Series® range thus offers a segmented offer, targeted at different market niches, which is simultaneously united under a single “one-stop” luxury packaging solution, thus generating major synergies.

The capsulated cork stopper is the ultimate bridge between the consumer and the spirit - and will be used over and again. 

This obliges a technological approach that guarantees a perfect seal and a design approach that appeals to the consumer.

Classic Value is the entry-level segment of the Top Series® range, typically constituted by the classic “T-Top” design, with a flanged cork and smooth coloured cap.

The Premium segment enables a higher degree of personalization, including a more diverse range of materials and shapes and inclusion of a logo.

Amorim’s Classic Value and Premium stoppers provide the perfect finish for leading spirits brands throughout the world and both segments offer a high degree of customization in terms of colours and shapes, with a guaranteed high level of reliability, based on Amorim’s long track record in this field.

The Elegance and Prestige segments cater to the top-end of the market, where deluxe packaging forms an integral part of the offer.

By catering to these premium segments, the Amorim Top Series Unit has consolidated its market positioning and conquered new business due to its elegant design skills, individualized approach and hand-crafted production techniques. 

The Elegance segment is based on a high-quality range of hand-picked materials including ceramics, wood or metal.
Each Elegance stopper is a collector’s item - offering a highly distinctive and stylish product, that’s a treat for the eye and a pleasure to handle.

Finally, the Prestige segment is the “pièce de résistance” - used for exclusive limited editions of the world’s rarest and finest spirits.
Prestige stoppers represent the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity - enabling clients to use breathtaking design and deluxe materials to strategically differentiate their packaging.

Top Series® currently offers over 900 product lines and the range of solutions is constantly expanding, as existing clients launch innovative brands and packaging solutions and new clients inject fresh ideas into the mix. 

Whether looking for a Classic Value, Premium, Elegance or Prestige solution, the Amorim Top Series Unit will help clients find the perfect finish for their product.

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