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Top Series® in the world's oldest malt whiskey

CORTICEIRA AMORIM's innovative collection of capped stoppers CORTICEIRA AMORIM's Top Series® cork stopper introduced in early 2010 was selected to seal the world's oldest malt whiskey - Gordon and Macphail's Mortlach 70-Year-Old.

Staggered in oak barrels since 1938, this limited-edition Scottish whiskey has been available for sale in 54 standard size bottles (70 cl) and 162 smaller bottles (20 cl) at a unit price of £ 10,000 and £ 2500, respectively. The packaging has been carefully selected and consists of a teardrop-shaped crystal bottle and a Prestige Series Top Series® stopper with metal cap and silver finish specially designed for this purpose.

The Top Series® capsule cork collection was developed by CORTICEIRA AMORIM's Amorim Top Series Unit to meet the needs of premium spirits producers. Composed of a wide range of solutions, with the guarantee of the performance and advantages of natural cork, it is presented in a wide variety of materials, segmented into four product ranges: Prestige, Elegance, Premium and Classic Value.

The Prestige range, selected for the oldest malt whiskey in the world, has a natural cork base and can be complemented with innovative and luxurious materials such as precious metals, taking on bold shapes, idealized according to design trends. In this segment, the customer has the possibility to create a differentiating solution for its packaging, developed in total partnership with Amorim Top Series Unit.

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