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AMORIM seals
£100,000 whisky

Leading cork producer CORTICEIRA AMORIM has revealed that it provided the premium corks used to seal the world’s most expensive whisky. Only three bottles of the £100,000 Dalmore Trinitas 64 were released last month and two have already been sold to private collectors — one in the US and one in the UK.

Located in the Scottish highland town of Alness, The Dalmore distillery is renowned for housing some of the oldest and rarest single malt whiskies.

The Trinitas 64 is a unique combination of spirits from the 1868, 1878, 1926 and 1939 vintages topped up with a vintage from the 1940s. The blend matured for a further two years in a handcrafted 9-litre American white oak cask that was seasoned with rare whiskies from The Dalmore and two ancient sherries.

The packaging of the Dalmore Trinitas 64 reflects the brand’s aristocratic heritage and positions the whisky alongside the world’s most luxurious goods.

Three handcrafted crystal decanters were commissioned to house the rare whisky. These were made using hand-blown crystal of class leading quality. The decanters are dressed with The Dalmore’s iconic royal stag’s head, an engraved neck foil and the master distiller’s signature, which were all hand made in sterling silver by award-winning jewellers.

The superbly crafted stopper comprises a rich dark timber, silver finishing and at its core a natural cork body — the top-of-the-line ‘Prestige’ cork from CORTICEIRA AMORIM’s Top Series® range. The bottle is presented in a cabinet that took over 100 man-hours to make. Shaped by highly skilled craftsmen, the cabinet is made from English oak encased in a Macassar ebony veneer. It has a hidden drawer to hold the authenticity paperwork and the key to a unique lock created by London’s oldest locksmith Brahma. A scroll tube has been turned out of a solid piece of Macassar ebony and finished by hand with a silver collar in the centre.

“The whole package is an amazing testament to the work of the team involved and you cannot fault the quality of every element,” said US buyer Mahesh Patel who was delighted to get his hands on the first bottle. “But the real prize for me is the whisky itself, and that is what makes The Dalmore special.”

Following its commercial release at the start of 2010, the Top Series® cork closure range has quickly made its mark in the premium spirits market. Earlier this year Top Series® was chosen to seal the world’s oldest bottled single malt whisky, the Mortlach 70-year-old released by Gordon & MacPhail.

CORTICEIRA AMORIM’s director of marketing and communication Carlos de Jesus said the Top Series® range was developed to create the highest quality custom-made packaging solutions for the premium spirits sector. The closure range combines natural cork’s performance and sustainability attributes with elegant materials, new technology and cutting-edge design.

“The packaging of the Dalmore Trinitas 64 was important and CORTICEIRA AMORIM is proud to be part of this amazing product which has made history in the world of whisky,” said Mr de Jesus.

“Our association with The Dalmore is typical of the strong relationships CORTICEIRA AMORIM is building with the world’s leading spirits producers.”

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