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Amorim is one of the leading global companies committed to Sustainability goals

The Amorim group as a whole has placed sustainability and the circular economy at the heart of its business philosophy and its operations.  No other closures manufacturer has worked for so long and so hard with its clients to foster sustainability.
Over its 150 years of operations the Amorim group has consistently integrated sustainability practices within its production operations, including 100% use of all cork and implementing recycling operations for used cork.  Corticeira Amorim is the only Portuguese company taking part in the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders campaign, organised by the TBD Media Group. The company won major sustainability awards in 2020, including a World
Finance Magazine Sustainability Award, in the “Wine products industry” category, and the Best Raw Materials Sustainability – Europe 2020 award, attributed by Capital Finance
International.  Amorim is also a founding member of the Porto Protocol Foundation a non-profit corporate institution, with hundreds of members, including leading wineries and spirits producers, who assume a binding commitment to make a greater contribution to mitigate climate change. The Foundation’s core mentors are Taylor’s Port, Amorim, BA Glass, and Marks & Spencer.
All of this is underpinned by the essential sustainability of cork, due to the fact that cork forests constitute vital biodiversity hotspots, cork is harvested without damaging the tree, there is 100% use of all cork extracted and cork is 100% sustainable, recyclable and renewable. Amorim upholds sustainability concerns shared by spirits producers - such as reducing waste, using greener packaging, maximising recyclability, encouraging responsible drinking, building thriving communities and championing diversity.
The company has been a key partner in recycling initiatives across three continents, in the context of which over 670 million cork stoppers have been recycled and over 828,000 autochthonous trees have been planted since 2008. 
The Amorim group’s strategy is directly aligned with twelve UN Sustainable Development Goals and specific performance indicators and targets have been set for each goal, covering areas such as the circular economy, energy efficiency, environmental impact, combating climate change, promotion of the cork oak forest, occupational health and safety and a major commitment to RD&I.  Amorim is the only closures company that produces a regular Sustainability Report and Life Cycle Assessments of its stoppers, the first of which were published in 2006 and 2008 respectively.
Amorim is committed to ensure that all cork is used, in accordance with Antoine Lavoisier’s maxim, ”In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes”.
Inclusively any cork dust left over from production is used as biomass, which covers over 60% of Amorim’s energy needs and constitutes a CO2 neutral source of energy.
A recent study by the Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) has confirmed the important role played by the cork oak and its surrounding ecosystem: for each ton of cork produced, the cork oak forest can capture up to 73 tons of CO2
Amorim’s commitment to ensuring a positive environmental impact has been confirmed by recent independent studies which have demonstrated that the annual carbon capture of the group’s activity is 15 times higher than the CO2 emissions from the entire value chain and that Amorim’s leading cork stoppers have a negative carbon balance.  The confirmation of the negative carbon balance of Amorim’s stoppers is an additional element that helps spirit producers achieve their carbon neutrality goals.
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