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Amorim Top Series distinguished in the Export and Internationalisation Awards

Amorim Top Series received the Large Companies - Tradable Goods award in the 2022 edition of the Export and Internationalisation Awards, organised by Novo Banco and Jornal de Negocios, in partnership with Iberinform.

The award ceremony of the 12 edition of this prestigious competition, was held on October 27, in order to distinguish the Portuguese companies with the best export performance and success stories in terms of internationalization.

The awards are based on detailed economic and financial analysis of over 400,000 companies, based on their export data, collected and analysed by Iberinform Portugal.

4300 companies were analysed in detail, across all categories, in order to determine the final winners.

Amorim Top Series was the first winner declared during the award ceremony. The award was given by Mark Bourke, CEO of Novo Banco and Diana Ramos, editor of the Jornal de Negocios and was received by ATS’s managing director, Pilar Braga.

In a video shown during the award ceremony, António Rios de Amorim, Chairman and CEO of the Amorim Group expressed his profound satisfaction with the award, against the backdrop of the high worldwide growth of the global spirits industry. He highlighted ATS’ key strengths: strong commitment to innovation; in-house design team; superior quality and sustainability credentials of cork stoppers; fully aligned with premiumization trends.

He concluded: “Premiumization is driving major growth of this market, as reflected in our own export growth, and this award pays testimony to this achievement.”
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