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Amorim Top Series sponsors the Spiritueux de L'année awards in Vinexpo Paris

The first edition of the Spirits of the Year/Les Spiritueux de l’Année 2021 awards, announced on February 14 during Wine Paris - Vinexpo Paris, included the French Spirit of the Year category, sponsored by Amorim Top Series.
The awards were organised by the magazine, Cavistes & E-commerce and included 7 categories: whiskey, rum, gin, other spirits, appetizers, eco-friendly packaging and French spirit of the year.
The jury was comprised by the experts, Sarah Ait Said, Sébastien Dathané, François Drounau, Cédric Ferreira, Cécile Fortis, Thomas Gueller, Jean-Louis Laboissière and Christophe Sauvaud.
The experts carefully announced each competing spirit and stated that they awarded the French Spirit of the year category to Dartigalongue’s Armagnac in light of its innovative approach and the consistency of its packaging with the proposed offer.
Dartigalongue’s Armagnac is 100% locally sourced, and in addition to our elegant capsulated stopper includes a lightweight French bottle, a label made from cardboard waste in New Aquitaine and is commercialised without a case.
Amorim Top Series’ clients also topped two other categories: Rozelieures single malt whisky, which won the Whisky category and Thoreau Rum+Whisky 40%, which won the Other Spirits category.

Rozelieures whisky has recently won other prestigious awards, including Silver prizes for the Tourbé Collection and Fumé Collection in the Best French Single Malt category of the latest edition of the World Whiskies Awards 2022.
The delicious Rozelieures single malt whiskies are aged in oak casks and sealed with a Wooden Top stopper (34mm diameter, natural beech) and microgranulated cork.
Named after the charming village of Rozelieures, in Lorraine, at the foot of an ancient volcano, the distillery is owned by the Grallet-Dupic family, who has been growing cereals for 5 generations and distilling for more than 150 years.
Thoreau Rum+Whisky 40%, which won the Other Spirits category, is produced in France by Les Bienheureux, made from 70% Guatemalan rum and 30% Cognac VSOP. It is dedicated to the free-spirited American philosopher, poet, and environmental scientist, Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862), whose acclaimed works include “Walden”. The label describes him as the “father of civil disobedience.”
Thoreau Rum+Whisky 40% stands out with its stunning design, including an elegant bottle with a bright fluorescent green label. The neck wraps include fourteen different quotes (for fourteen different bottles), such as “The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what I think right.” The bottle is sealed with an elegant Wood Top cork stopper supplied by Amorim Top Series.
After the successful first edition of this prestigious new award, Amorim Top Series aims to continue its involvement in this and similar events, as part of our wider collaboration with leading international events and awards, which also includes the Whisky and Gin Halls of Fame, organised by Whisky Magazine and Gin Magazine.

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