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Building a sustainable future

Leveraged by the Amorim Group’s comprehensive commitment to sustainability and new product ranges that are designed to maximise use of 100% natural materials, both in terms of the cork stoppers and the capsule, Amorim Top Series is empowering  spirits producers to meet their sustainability targets. In a sustainable business model it is necessary to defend values of profit, planet and people.  
Consumers are attracted to elegant solutions, that are attractive to touch and see, and which are helping to safeguard the planet.  Hugo Mesquita, sales and marketing director at Amorim Top Series explains: “We have learned the value of really listening to customers. In the communication age, it’s easy to overlook the importance of every detail of a product’s packaging.  We value the fact that we are part of the Product or Brand’s identity. There is extremely tangible evidence of how consumer’s senses are impacted by the packaging in their value perception.  And we have concrete market data which shows that sustainability is one of consumers’ biggest concerns. That’s why we have leveraged the ability of Top Series closures to impact consumer’s added value perception when they look at and touch the product, when the bottle opened and the aromas sensed, when the cork is popped and when the precious liquid is finally tasted.  Our team of 10 technical experts, supports 30 TS specialists located in key strategic markets who work hand in hand with our customers, and on average develop 3 new projects every single day!”
Amorim’s commitment to sustainability is linked to its origin in the cork stopper business, 150 years ago, but these issues are now assuming a new urgency.  Through its pioneering solutions, Amorim Top Series is charting a clear way forward towards a more sustainable future for the spirits sector.
The FSC’s Director General, Kim Carstensen sums this up: “I’m very impressed with what the Amorim group has done over the past years. I think you are a very good example for others to follow and I’m very happy that you can now celebrate your 150 years, as an FSC-certified company. We would be very happy to work with Amorim for the next 150 years to make sure that the stories about the quality of the forest, the quality of the cork, and the quality of the company, get known by a wider public, because I think they deserve it”.
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