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“Superlatively Divine Brandy/ Prince Wittgenstein”

CORTICEIRA AMORIM created a special cork stopper for the “Superlatively Divine Brandy/Prince Wittgenstein”, an exclusive limited edition of a 50-year-old brandy recently launched by Tiraspol Wine & Distillery Kvint, the oldest and most highly regarded of Moldavia’s winegrowing companies (founded in 1897), regarded as a national emblem of the Transnistria region.

With a limited production run of 2500 bottles (numbered 0001 to 1897 and the rest marked “exclusive edition”), this is a truly exclusive product of unequalled quality.

Oleg Baev, CEO of Kvint, asked for the assistance of CORTICEIRA AMORIM with this project for the packaging (cork stopper + Atlantis crystal bottle + wooden box). As a result, since June 2010, the team provided all resources necessary for the launch of the “Superlatively Divine Brandy/Prince Wittgenstein”, creating a customised, exclusive stopper from the Top Series® collection which combines the benefits of natural cork with performance and distinctive design, aimed at meeting the needs of producers of premium spirits.

For the launch, which took place on 4 October, the Kvint house chose Bender Castle, a stunning and emblematic setting, bringing together a number of special guests including Igor Smirnov, President of the Moldavian Republic of Pridnestrovie, senior representatives of local government and a number of diplomatic representations including Germany, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and others. Also present were Count Wittgenstein (a descendant of Prince Wittgenstein and President of the German Castles Association and Vice-President of the European Castles Association), Kvint distributors from 14 countries, including in particular a delegation of over 30 distributors from all over Russia, Álvaro Tavares and Pedro Venda, Director and Sales Director at Vista Alegre Atlantis and João Paulo Amorim, Director at CORTICEIRA AMORIM, accompanied by António Valente, CORTICEIRA AMORIM’s regional representative, among many others.

The ceremony paid tribute to Prince Wittgenstein for his dedication to the region, where he established vine plantations originating from Germany and became an important driving force for the production of wine and brandy in the region, which continue to this day.
The warm words of Olag Baev’s speech also included a special thank you to Américo Amorim and the entire Amorim family, recalling how over 20 years of partnership, Mr Américo Amorim has been an example of entrepreneurship on a global scale, and how he himself in, his professional life, often seeks to follow the example of this great friend.

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