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Notable: Revealing the objects of desire

NOTABLE is something that stands out from the rest. Each stopper, a personality.

Five new bar-tops - elegant and full of freshness and subtlety - pay tribute to the fascinating and multifaceted personalities of unrepeatable women.

Life is made of sensations, and with Notable we capture them in all their liveliness. Therefore, in addition to activating the senses of sight and touch, the collection represents the encounter between classic and contemporary, tradition and the avant-garde, what we know and what we yearn to discover.

We dive into a universe of feminine inspiration, where not everything is at seems. Only better. Beyond what we see and feel, in the textures and transparencies of these capsules, in the delicacy of glass and the solid lightness of cork, we are led to discover a very feminine sixth sense, which paints the world in a different color.

"Appealing to sight and touch, NOTABLE Collection, inspires the consumer to use all their senses, when preparing to enjoy their drink. ‘’
Catarina Costa,
Notable Collection Designer
Anne is delicate and graceful. Beauty hides in the most modest places. An unpretentious circular shape gains a delicate complexity on its multifaceted side. Elegant simplicity is the key. This bar-top is perfect for an understated, harmonious packaging.
Bridgette is unconventionally enticing. A symbol of freshness and cheek. An unexpected design, subtle and alternative, certainly mysterious. Not everything is as simple as it looks. A different allure, a vibrant personality. A versatile capsule that is the perfect fit to any elegant packaging that defies stereotypes.

Like a crowned princess, with a flair of nobility, Chloe is an avant-garde capsule with bold, contrasting lines. Irreverence and confidence blend with delicacy, in this flawless capsule with a top surface texture.

With a slim profile and a crystal-clear sleekness, Sophie strikes for its effortless elegance, a harmonious outline that gives a stylish look to any packaging. A lasting, yet subtle impression.

Classical meets contemporary and a fascinating personality comes to life. Olga is the most extravagant capsule in the collection. A modern twist, bringing lightness and freedom to a new level of expression.

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