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The 2nd Edition of the Make a Mark project co-sponsored by Amorim Top Series

The second edition of Make a Mark was held during Luxe Pack 2022 in Monte Carlo, October 3-5, with 20 projects from 14 countries presented.

The project, launched in 2021, aims to showcase leading packaging design proposals from around the world, and is developed by three global industry leaders - Estal, Avery Dennison and Kurz, with Amorim Top Series as a founding partner.

The 20 designers and countries presented were: 43’oz (Republic of Moldova), 56 Mar (UAE), Aktiva Design (Spain), Appartement103 (France), Black Eye Project (United Kingdom), Black Squid Design (Australia), BULLET Inc. (Japan), FLOV (Poland), forceMAJEURE (USA), Lonsdale (France), MABA (Spain), Morillas (Spain), Officina Grafica (Italy), 0,nice! (Italy), Partisan du Sens (France), Popular Packaging GmbH (Germany), ThinkBoldStudio (Portugal), Sociedad Anonima (Mexico), SURE Brandesign (Argentina) and Zweischneider (Germany).

The brief for this edition focused on Sustainability, Luxury and Innovation in the Wine and Spirits and Beauty and Fragrances packaging field.

One of the showcased products was the packaging solution proposed by Portugal’s ThinkBoldStudio for Cognac Garnier, which includes a sophisticated capsulated stopper, custom-made by Amorim Top Series.

The stopper pays tribute to the Monte- Carlo Casino, which opened in 1865, designed by French Architect Jean-Louis Garnier. The capsule is inspired by the casino’s statues, the glass pattern refers to the Opera stage curtains, and at the bottle base there is a debossed roulette wheel. ThinkBoldStudio explained the philosophy behind the design: “The studio’s concept was centred on luxury because it is the epitome of indulgence, meant to build desire and prestige. The capsule was inspired by the statues of the building and by the bonnet ornament placed in the hood of luxury cars, referring to the cars parked around casinos (…) Combining the opera, casino, and architecture references in a single bottle and making them work as a whole was a satisfying challenge for the studio.”

Amorim Top Series has its own in-house design team that advises its clients to find the best design for each packaging project.
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