Heat-sensitive wooden stoppers

Wooden stoppers with a special coating that indicates temperature changes and can also be used to reveal the brand logo or hidden messages!
These elegant heat sensitive stoppers offer either a reversible colour change in function of temperature, or a one-off permanent change, once a specific temperature has been attained.

Temperature control can be vitally important for spirits – either to ascertain whether the spirit has ascertained the right temperature to be served or if it has been exposed to a temperature which may undermine its quality.
This new solution uses a ground-breaking range of thermochromic paints – a true innovation in the stoppers market!

The paint is applied to our elegant wooden tops and changes colour in function of the temperature.  
For example, it can be used to indicate whether the spirit has been exposed to an excessively high temperature that will lead to a permanent colour change.  
The solution can also be applied to other elements of the overall packaging.  For example, contact with the fingers may leave a “chromatic fingerprint” in the part of the packaging that was touched, causing that zone to become warmer.