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Le Groupe Amorim sponsorise les
« Trophées des personnalités » de Whisky Magazine

CORTICEIRA AMORIM sponsored the Icons of Whisky 2011/2102 Awards, an important fixture of the whisky calendar at which the sector's most influential bodies and personalities are voted each year. 

The Icons of Whisky Awards involve three presentation phases, held in Scotland, the US and London, with the participation of key figures of the worldwide whisky industry from marketeers to master distillers, producers, suppliers and opinion leaders.

Whisky Magazine's international jury elected the winning panel in a keenly contested voting process, with a significant novelty in relation to previous years: the Lifetime Achievement award was discontinued in favour of the Whisky Magazine Hall of Fame. In line with the format of previous editions, the competition was initially addressed to participants in Scotland, the US and London, but was later extended to include other countries such as Japan, Canada and Ireland.

Each edition of the Icons of Whisky Awards is surpassed by the next in terms of quality, reflected in rising numbers of international participants, which is in turn a sign of the upward trend enjoyed by the market.  

The awards were handed over by Hugo Mesquita, sales manager for the Top Series capsulated stoppers.

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