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Amorim Top Series looks pretty in pink

The company is launching new capsulated stoppers with bold pink designs.
A wide range of pink solutions is invading the wine and spirits market, as consumers, especially Millennials, embrace the pink trend.
Key examples include the growth of consumption of rosé wine – which grew by 300% between mid-2015 and mid-2016, and by a further 40% in 2017, according to Nielsen.
One of the biggest boom markets has been pink gin. Recent launches include Gordon’s Pink Gin and Beefeater Pink. In Spain, the booming sales of pink gin represent 40% of total value growth for the gin category.
Rosé ciders, incorporating red apples, have also been launched by producers such as Angry Orchard, MillerCoors, Strongbow and Bold Rock.
Although part of the pink appeal is based on the lure of a sweeter taste, demand for dry rosés has also rocketed.
Pink also seems to have been adopted by millennial consumers as their favourite colour - influencing demand not only in the wine and spirits market, but also in food, fashion, hi-tech and home interiors.
It’s possible that the millennial pink trend started in 2014 with Wes Anderson’s pink-hued Grand Budapest Hotel, or in 2015 when Pantone named rose quartz as its colour of the year. Social media, in particular Instagram, has been awash with pink ever since.
Packaging solutions for wine and spirits have also embraced the pink craze, and not just for rose-tinted beverages. The colour has become a design statement.
When it comes to capsulated stoppers, spirits producers are also looking for stylish pink options and Amorim Top Series has made sure it can meet this demand.
Examples of products using these new options include brands such as Edgerton Pink Gin, Blossa, Filliers Pink Gin and Gin Lane 1751.

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