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My Top Series

The world’s first drawing simulator for capsulated cork stoppers

The secrets underpinning the success of the Top Series® range include the Amorim Top Series Unit’s customised technical consultancy, reference prototyping services and design prowess.

The Luxury Unit forges long-term partnerships with the world’s leading spirit brands to identify inspirational packaging solutions for their products.

In order to cement these partnerships, the Unit has launched the world’s first drawing simulator for capsulated cork stoppers.

With the aid of the My Top Series simulator, Amorim's Sales specialists can now, together with their clients, customize their preferred solutions in real time, spanning the four segments of the range - Prestige, Elegance, Premium and Classic Value.

This unique innovative tool is multi-platform, including access via tablets, using the iOS and Android operating systems.

Users can view computer generated images of all capsulated cork stoppers on offer, which can be rotated 360º in real-time and thereby learn more about the existing collection and develop their own customized Top Series.

This powerful tool, complemented by the design skills offered by the Amorim Top Series Unit, helps spirits producers identify the right stopper for their product and constitutes a new creative input for overall packaging design.

By inputting key technical specifications, clients can experiment with different solutions, choose between the four segments on offer, and visualize the best-fit for their product.

The simulator is particularly useful for the world’s leading spirits producers who manage a broad spectrum of spirits brands, spanning different tiers of the market.

Clients can thereby study the best solution for each individual brand and also gain an instant overview of all the capsulated stopper options available across their brand portfolio. 

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