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Amorim Top Series launches new packaging for samples.

Packaging is the customer’s first contact with the product. As part of our new visual identity, we have devised a new packaging proposal for client samples, with an elegant boxed solution for our upper segment products, Prestige and Elegance and a sleek cotton bag for our Classic Value and Premium stoppers.

The key goal is to create an impact for the client from the very first contact, establishing strong connections between aesthetics and production technical capacity, from the starting point until the finishing line.

The first product experience, the first contact with the company’s products and packaging opening has been the main focus and attention for development of this new packaging.

ATS new corporate identity was the visual starting point for design of the new samples packaging. A visual has been chosen that takes advantage of linear and minimalist elements, combining textures and choosing universal colors.

The size of the packaging has been developed from a modular concept, offering the maximum possible versatility.  Each element of the packaging construction can play a unique or aggregating role.

Based on this modular concept the packaging may be large or small, and makes it possible to carefully display the product, add all the necessary technical and additional information and personalize it.

Catarina Costa, Product Designer at ATS said: “We are convinced that our packaging system will undoubtedly touch all the main points of consumer experience”.
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